Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another state, another time zone

Major thanks to Rachel for buying us all  Saturday breakfast coffees before we set forth from Peru, IL.

On Sunday we were joined by Julian Gordon, the Chicago based brother of Jeffrey, a London Marathon Everpresent. He ran with us for 10 miles and this really broke up the daily routine well. Thanks for the cake!

Today we crossed over into Indiana having run  through the south Chicago suburbs which seemed so congested after recent weeks of rural country highways.

Chris stopped at a running shop just off Highway 6 in Schererville to buy new shoes and, once the story emerged of the run, Misty Chandos at Fleetfeet Sports was generous enough to donate a new pair of shoes to both of us for free. - an amazingly kind gesture with the old Nikes at last consigned to the bin.

Saw this off Highway 6 .......I love this country!!!


  1. Chris - I think you should get your hair cut.
    We are continuing to watch your progress and keep our fingers crossed that you both get to New York on time.
    Keep going boys

  2. Hoping to meet up with ya in ohio... I'll be driving up from Cincinnati... I ran across in 02... Life changing, to say the least and I love meeting other crossers... Met Marshall Ulrich as he crossed and Paul Both...
    Jim McCord

  3. Jim, It would be fantastic to meet up. Hope to see you soon. Chris


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