Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hard Work and Kind People

Yesterday was hard work. We left Julia and Ben to buy supplies in Fort Collins and agreed to meet up further down the road. After 5 hours we were hot, dusty, tired and out of water. Did we ever think of ditching the large adjustable wrench that Steve had found earlier?

Certainly not. Without its quality die cast steel handles and extra large extension which enables it to tighten nuts of up to two inches in diameter, how could we ever hope to make it safely across this vast continent? A photograph of the impressive collection of tools that we have found so far will follow shortly.

The roads around here are on a grid system, odd numbers go East to West and even numbers are North to South. CR means County Road. Here's one that presumably had to be squeezed in afterwards.

Fans of 2001 A Space Odyssey may find the object below strangely familiar...

This post is dedicated to Karen and Casey, who very kindly put us up for two nights.

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  1. Shucks, weren't nuthin! We were turbo-charged by your visit and adventures and can't wait to read more about the journey ahead. Let me know when you want to buy that mountain cabin and I'll keep an eye out for you! - Casey, Karen and Eli


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