Thursday, 15 September 2011


Don't worry the spelling has been personally checked by Dan Quayle.

How do we plan our day?
Motel breakfast finished by 7am
We try to start running by 8am  each morning and reckon to finish by 5pm in order to cover 40 miles.
We break 5 or 6  times during the day  and load up on avocados,  lentil soup, crisps (for salt replacement), iced water, bananas,  milk, coke (great in the afternoon for a caffeine hit) and of course Reese's Pieces. When we pass near diners we take coffee or milk shakes if this fits in with the running plan. If the temperature goes over 80ish we usually run with camelbaks filled ideally with iced water.

At the end of each day feet stay in ice for 15 minutes made possible by the motel's ice machine and a standard waste paper, sleep, alarm clock and so  the routine continues...................

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