Run With Us

Come and join us for a whole day or just for a mile. We don't care, it's always nice to meet new people and you can join in our daily argument! Bring some food and drink, as you can't have any of ours. Don't worry about not being fast enough or any of that nonsense, we'll just leave you to the vultures if you can't keep up our blazing pace of 6mph.
Our route can be seen on the Home Page and each day's destination is on the Route Page. HOWEVER please make sure that you keep an eye on the Blog just in case we are behind or ahead (fat chance!) of schedule. 
We tend to divide the day into 3 runs of just over 13 miles starting around 7 am, noon and 5pm.
See you on the road! (Don't forget to bring us something to eat and sign our Guestbook)