Saturday 5 November 2011

And miles to go before I sleep

Well, 30 on Saturday to the Atlantic and 26.2 on Sunday to qualify for the Reese's Pieces in Central Park.
Anyone who can get to the boardwalk near  West Fifth Street on Coney Island at 4.30pm on 5th November will be there to see us complete our 3,100 mile journey from sea to shining sea.

Despite the world looking strangely rotated the vital signs confirm that Steve's map reading is more or less on track.

A previous blog showed a dead Cadillac and here is one that is very much alive - somewhere in Western New Jersey.


  1. Fantastic! It was inspiring enough for us mortals to see you make it from CA to CO. Congratulations on finishing the journey! Going to be hard to top such madness but we'll do what we can.

  2. The Belgian side of the family is very proud of you too/ you two!! Are you going to srite a book about it??? hope so...
    well done!

  3. Great story, I can only imagine how great and terrible it must have been! It's inspired me to try and plan my own mad adventure...

    The woods are lovely dark and deep.

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