Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sheffield to Cranleigh Day 5

The final day featured another bit of the Grand Union Canal followed by a short stretch of the Thames Path, blazing sunshine and Steve feeling decidedly unwell about halfway through the afternoon. A pint of milk, a few veiled threats and a cup of tea kindly provided by our film maker Ben Southern, soon got him back on his feet again and by six o' clock we arrived triumphantly at Finill Towers.

44 Miles today, giving us a total of 246 for the five days.

To sum up: it didn't kill us and we could certainly keep going, (although I've no idea for how long.) Legs feel stiff and right Achilles is a little puffed up but nothing serious. The mileage was further than we need to do in America, we had no backup (and we carried rucksacks), but we didn't have to face the heat of the Nevada desert or look out for snakes. Steve lost 3 pounds in weight over the 5 days so a rough calculation indicates that he should return from America weighing 6 stone.

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