Saturday, 12 June 2010

Great Training Idea #2 The Run From Sheffield to Cranleigh

We decided to run from Steve's house in Sheffield to Chris' home in Cranleigh, Surrey. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway at 8 am sharp this morning, carrying the absolute bare minimum of gear, we set off from Sheffield in the sunshine and headed South. Steve expertly guided us on a picturesque route, mainly off road via Fox House, White Edge, Chatsworth House, and Matlock, following the Derwent Valley Trail into Derby.

On the south side of Derby lay the Bed and Breakfast Steve had pre booked. (To be honest it would be more accurately described as a 'Bed' because the owner explained very carefully that they did not provide breakfast. Indeed she seemed quite proud of the fact.) Nevertheless, it was conveniently situated near to a curry house and our room had a TV so we could watch another dismal World Cup performance by the England football team. We covered around 48 miles today and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Here's the foolish pair setting off. They won't look quite so jolly by the time they arrive at Cranleigh...

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