Monday, 14 June 2010

Sheffield to Cranleigh Day 2

We headed off to Warwick, where we had invited ourselves to stay with Ultra Running Legend Jez Bragg. Today's journey was all on the road, varying from nice, quiet country lanes to the Coventry Ring road which we somehow ended up on within minutes of handing Chris the map. Once again the weather was lovely until we arrived at Kenilworth, where Jez arrived to meet us and it started to rain.

After taking one look at Steve, Jez assured us that it was only 2 miles to his house. After 45 minutes, we came to the conclusion that we were either incredibly slow runners or he had taken optimism to new heights. Eventually we arrived at Chateau Bragg where he had kindly laid on a barbecue in our honour and put Steve's trainers in the airing cupboard to dry. (This is significant- see next post)

Anyway 58 miles done today!

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