Saturday, 8 October 2011

Another scorcher

Here in Iowa it remains stubbornly hot. The only thing to take the edge off the heat are the very strong cross winds which have been blustering around all day.
In the western states, particularly in Utah we were struck  by the number of  derelict properties. Here in Iowa the landscape is altogether tidier and more orderly. Here's a rare example of an old deserted cabin.

As a mark of the changing seasons  we passed through several towns where pumpkins and halloween were beginning to flex their festive muscles.

The dog that lived at this address soon became best mates with Steve.

Sometimes roadsigns can be baffling. Any thoughts on this one?!

Finally, we have found the people of Iowa so welcoming and friendly. In Carson, Boo, who ran the local diner, insisted that our breakfast was on the house. Here she is giving us a send off after making sure we had
a really good meal.


  1. Apologies from a North American on the redneck that threw stuff at you.

    To interpret your sign, Bunn-O-Matic is a brand of coffee making machinery. The people doing the road cleanup for the next n miles work for that company.

    Good luck with the run... I know that the flatlands are, well, flat. There's a few quid your way for the effort.

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