Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cooling down

We are now about 60% through Illinois heading relentlessly east. Today had an international flavour as  we headed through Peru, Norway and Lisbon.

 The weather is hitting the perfect phase between the heat of Summer and the chills of looming Winter. We hope this will last for another 20 or so days until we reach New York but we know we'll be lucky to get there without rain, hail, flurries and winds against us from the East. We are now going all out to make New York by 5 November as this will allow us to line up for the ING New York City  Marathon the following day. This calls for a daily mileage of about 42 miles.

For the last 60 days Chris has concentrated on a sensible diet of lentils, avocados and fruit. Steve's nutrition has been more hit and miss with the result that his weight loss has been severe.

It doesn't get more seasonal than this sight from a stall we passed in deepest, rural Illinois.

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  1. My sister and niece enjoyed breakfast with you in Peru yesterday. Apparently you made quite a splash!


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