Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snow expected

Whilst still in Ohio we saw this early reminder of where we're headed - a 30 foot replica of  the old lady herself advertising Liberty Taxation Services - what else?

After this we entered Pennsylvania, but hardly noticed due to the very discreet, dangling  roadsign. Out West the state signs were far bolder  and frankly much more fun.

Finally, as we are in Pennsylvania, home of the Hershey Bar, we offer a huge bar of chocolate as the prize for the first person to correctly identify the town where this signage is on display.


  1. For the love of Hershey Chocolate and Almonds (thanks for putting the craving in my head this late and with no stores nearby open to get one), I say that sign is in Mercer, PA.
    I am in DC for the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend and was planning on driving up to run with y'all for a bit, but due to the distance and time constraints I am not going to be able to come up. I wanted to pick your brains a bit about your run. I am doing a TransCon run in 2013 from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR. I'd still love to ask a few questions once you've had a chance to decompress. If you get a chance, my website will be up in the next day or two, check it out. or
    Be safe the last few days, and congrats on a nice run!!

  2. It is Mercer, on the junction between West Market St and N Erie St. The building behind it is Mercer County Court House. The sign is clearly visible on Google Street View.

    You should have taken the next left off W Butler St onto South Pitt Street then right onto E Market St. This would have been 134 yards shorter, (or 402 of Stephen's strides).

    Hopefully second prize is the adjustable wrench if you've still got it?


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