Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stray Dogs

Living up to his reputation as Dr Do-Little, Chris attracted the attentions of a four legged wanderer this morning. After a few miles of our new friend running in circles around us and risking his life by venturing out onto the Highway, we knocked on the first door we came across and tried our best to convince the owner that she should phone the dog warden (which she was happy to do) and look after Fido until he arrived (which she was not). However after some persuasion, agreement was reached and hopefully our furry friend has now been reunited with his owner.  


As you can see from the photo below, we have now entered Hitchcock and Steve has booked tonight's accommodation in what sounded like the Gates Motel, but the line was a bit crackly...

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  1. What a great photo! The light is so lovely. We are following your blog daily, so keep those posts coming. Karen and Casey


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