Monday, 10 October 2011


Iowa has been a really mixed bag so far. The roads are terrible from our viewpoint as the breakdown lane is gravel and therefore a nightmare to run on. Autumn seems to have been put on hold as it's still over 80 degrees Fahrenheit each day and very windy.

Some halfwit threw a carton of water from a passing car which fortunately hit Chris rather than Steve and then half a mile further on, a man flagged us down to say that he had seen what had happened and had taken a photo of the vehicle, which you can see below. Any good Iowan citizen reading this should feel free to pass it on to their local sheriff! (The plate is 965 TLO)

On a more positive note, most of the locals seem to be extremely friendly. We've had meals paid for, people stopping to give us apples and generally a great deal of interest in what we're doing.


  1. My friends at Adair County Sheriffs department are hot on the case hunting down these delinquents. All leave has been cancelled until they are caught. Expect blue flashing lights on a road near you soon.

  2. I really hope they get these guys. I wonder what else they have thrown from the car (at people, animals, property, etc) over time?


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